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KurdishMedia.com is an independent information provider, not affiliated to any political or non-political organisation. Its vision is to become a one-stop-shop information provider on Kurds and Kurdistan

KurdishMedia.com shall continue to make a positive contribution to peace, equality and stability throughout Kurdistan, and:

Develop a scientific approach to the Kurdish issue, including towards its language, art and culture.

Create new definitions for the future of the Kurdish nation within the international arena.

Create a sphere for Kurdish thinkers and strategists to be able to further develop upon the Kurdish issue.

Introduce Kurds as a civilised nation in the international arena.

Define a state of "United Kurdistan" as an isle of peace at the heart of the Middle East

Management Team

Director:Dr Rebwar Fatah
Webmaster:Peshraw Namo
Editor:Welat Lezgin

Dr Rebwar Fatah

Rebwar Fatah is the director and co-founder of KurdishMedia.com. He has been working towards a political solution to the Kurdish question for many years.

Rebwar was on the Executive Committee of the British Refugee Council for 3 years during the 1990s. He was also the Chairperson and a founding member of a Kurdish pressure group - Hawkarani Kurdistan, which operated in the UK during the 1990's. He was the founder and Editor-in-chief of an English newsletter, Hawkar - Newsletter of Hawkarani Kurdistan (1992-94), as well as the founder, columnist and Editor-in-chief of the Kurdish newsletter, Jîni Niwê (New life), which was also published in London in the second half of the 1990's. He was a columnist in an Australian-Kurdish weekly newspaper, Chira (The Lamp) in 1998, and a founding member and the media coordinator of the Kurdish language Internet site, Kurdish Language Technology Initiative (Kurd_lal), which was set up in 1997.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Fatah contributed to the Iraqi Kurdish media and also contributed intensively to the underground media. He is currently a broadcaster for Australian Kurdish Radio and has been interviewed by BBC London Live radio station on monthly basis to address the needs of the Kurdish community in the UK.

Professionally, Rebwar Fatah has 20 years experience in telecommunications and modern technology. He has held a number of senior and strategic positions within several leading international, technical and managerial telecommunication companies. Rebwar has obtained MSc and PhD degrees from the University of London and University College London respectively. Rebwar has published numerous technical and commercial papers and has given talks at numerous conferences.

Peshraw Namo

Peshraw Namo is the Webmaster and co-founder of KurdishMedia.com. He has been working towards establishing a dominant Kurdish presence on the Internet since 1993. Peshraw holds an MSc degree in Interactive Computer Systems from Middlesex University.

Peshraw has worked with Rebwar since the early 1990's on many Kurdish publications including Hawkar - Newsletter of Hawkarani Kurdistan, Jîni Niwê (New life). Before coming to UK, Peshraw was working for UNHCR office in Moscow as a coordinator.

Peshraw has 15 years experience in Computing and a solid background in Internet and New Media.  He is in charge of all the technical aspects and project management of KurdishMedia.com.

Welat Lezgin

Welat Lezgin was born in North Kurdistan in the city of Bitlis and moved to Sweden at the age of 12. He has lived in Cambridge since 1997; and holds a BA in English Literature and History as well as an MA in European Language and Intercultural Studies.

He is currently working on his PhD thesis on colonial discourse theory.

Welat Lezgin also runs the Kurdish Poetry page, which concentrates on Kurdish poetry translated to or written in English. He is at the same time the editor of Kurdishmedia.com.

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