The first Montreal Kurdish Film Festival

  • - By Devrim Kilic
  • 21/09/2006 00:00:00

Melbourne ( 21 of September 2006: Another Kurdish Film Festival is going to take place in the city of Montreal, Canada. The festival, titled “Kurdish Cinema Odyssey”, will kick off on 28 October and will be concluded on 9 November 2006.

Montreal Kurdish Film Festival is organized by the Cinémathèque Québécoise and Montreal Kurdish Institute and supported by Kurdish Regional Government, Montreal City Council and Kurdish Institute of Paris.

20 films, shorts and features, will be screened during the Montreal Kurdish Film Festival which will be opened by “Dahol” (Kurdish for a type of big ‘The Drum’), the latest feature of Kurdish director Hiner Saleem. The festival will also see the films of Kurdish directors Yilmaz Guney, Bahman Ghobadi, Nizamettin Aric, Jano Rosebiani, Kazim Oz and Iranian woman director Samira Makmalbaf.

The president of Montreal Kurdish Institute Lili Charoeva said that the festival aims to promote Kurdish Culture to Canadians and Quebecors. Charoeva told that there are around 7 thousands Kurds in Quebec and around 50 thousands Kurds in Canada and Kurdish community needs to show its culture to wider Canadian society. Charoeva said, “We are waiting the attendance of Falakaddin Sabir Mahmud, the Culture Minister of KRG, Kendan Nezan, the president of Paris Kurdish Institute, and Joyce Blau fom IKP, and Kurdish directors Hiner Saleem, Bahman Ghobadi and Jano Rosebiani.”

Charoeva also stated that the institute is planning to organize the festival every year and she beliefs that they are able to do that as they have a wonderful team of artists whom she is proud of them.

Those feature films will be screened during the First Montreal Kurdish Film Festival:

Hiner Saleem’s five features; “Dol”, “Zero Kilometre”, “Beyond our Dreams”, “Long live the Bride, Freedom of Kurdistan”, and “Vodka Lemon”, Bahman Ghobadi’s three features: “A Time for Drunken Horses”, “Marooned in Iraq-aka, Songs of My Motherland”, and “Turtles Can Fly”, Nizamettin Ariç’s “A Song for Beko” , Jano Rosebiani’s “Jiyan” (Kurdish for Life), Samira Makhmalbaf’s “Blackboards”, Kazim Oz’s “Photograph” and Yilmaz Güney’s “Hope”, “Requiem”, “Friend”, “The Road” and “Herd”.

The First Montreal Kurdish Film Festival will take place at CINÉMATHÈQUE QUÉBÉCOISE.

The Program of the Festival is as follows:

28 October 2006, Saturday

5pm: ‘Dahol’, directed by Hiner Saleem, 90 minutes, 2006.

9pm: ‘Marooned in Iraq’, directed by Bahman Ghobadi, 96 minutes, 2002.

29 October 2006, Sunday

5pm: ‘Kilometre Zero’, directed by Hiner Saleem, 96 minutes, 2005.

7pm: ‘A Time for Drunken Horses’, directed by Bahman Ghobadi, 2000.

Followed by two short films of Bahman Ghobadi:

That Man Came Along: Iran, 26 minutes, 1995.

Again Rain With the Melody: Iran, 19 minutes, 1995.

1 November 2006, Wednesday

6pm: ‘A Song for Beko’, directed by Nizamettin Aric, 100 minutes, 1992.

8.30pm: ‘Beyond Our Dreams’, directed by Hiner Saleem, 100 minutes, 1999.

2 November 2006, Thursday

4pm: “Long Live the Bride-Liberation of Kurdistan’, directed by Hiner Saleem, 100 minutes, 1998.

8.30pm: ‘Jiyan-Life’, directed by Jano Rosebiani, 94 minutes, 2001.

3 November 2006, Friday

4pm: ‘Blackboards’, directed by Iranian Samira Makhmalbaf, 85 minutes, 1999.

8.30pm: ‘Turtles Can Fly’, directed by Bahman Ghobadi, 85 minutes, 2004.

Followed by a short film of Ghobadi:

‘Like Mother’, 16 minutes, 1996.

4 November 2006, Saturday

5pm: ‘Hope-Umut’, directed by Yilmaz Guney, 100 minutes, 1970.

7pm: ‘Requiem-Agit’, directed by Yilmaz Guney, 80 minutes, 1971.

9pm: ‘Friend’, directed by Yilmaz Guney, 90 minutes, 1974.

5 November 2006, Sunday

5pm: ‘The Way-Yol’, directed by Serif Goren and Yilmaz Guney, 111 minutes, 1982.

7pm: ‘Vodka Lemon’, directed by Hiner Saleem, 98 minutes, 2003.

8 November 2006, Wednesday

6pm: “The Photograph’ directed by Kazim Oz, 66 minutes, 2001.

Followed by a short film of Kazim Oz:

‘The Land-(Ax)”, 27 minutes, 1999.

7pm: ‘Vodka Lemon’,

9 November 2006, Thursday

4pm: “The Way (Yol)’

6.30pm: ‘Vodka Lemon’

8.30pm: ‘The Herd’ directed by Zeki Okten and Yilmaz Guney, 129 minutes, 1978.

Also those Kurdish documentary films below will be screened from 9 to 19 November 2006 during the festival.

The Beritans, by Kudret Günes 66 minutes, 2004.

Daf, by Baman Ghobadi 39 minutes, 1996.

Far Away, (DÛR), by Kazim Öz, 74 minutes, 2005.

LÀ OÙ DIEU DORT, by Mano Khalil, 27 minutes, 1993.

Traces, by Binevsa Bêrîvan, 52 minutes, 2006.

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  • - By Devrim Kilic
  • 21/09/2006 00:00:00