Statement from the Command of Peshmarga Forces on PKK Provocations

  • PUK
  • 17/09/2000 00:00:00

(Suleimani, 14 September 2000) -- Once again the PKK is propagating baseless reports that the Peshmargas Forces of Kurdistan (PFK) has attacked PKK in a mountain near Suleimani. Such reports are part of a disinformation campaign by the PKK against the PUK, and are meant to avoid responsibility for the callous policies of the PKK.

Earlier, Osman Ocalan (Abullah Ocalan’s brother) stated that PUK has received $80 million from the KDP as a reward for fighting the PKK. Thereafter, Cemil Bayik, senior PKK official, comes along alleging that the PUK and the Turkish army have jointly attacked the PKK.

The public in Kurdistan clearly knows that such reports are baseless and utter fabrications. As for our Kurdish communities in the Diaspora, we are obliged to refute these unfounded allegations and clarify the following facts:

It has been a while since the PKK have been agitating to fight the PUK, especially since Abdullah Ocalan denounced publicly the federal rule in Iraqi Kurdistan as “feudal federalism aimed against Turkey.” Earlier, before his apprehension, Ocalan told the Arabic weekly Al-wasat Magazine “federalism in [Iraqi] Kurdistan is a dagger put to the side of the Arab nation with the help of imperialism.”

In later statements, Ocalan, who had by now converted into a Kamalist, proclaimed that “he is for Turkey and that Barzani and Talabani constitute danger for Turkey.” Ocalan also declared his readiness to stand and fight against the KDP and the PUK in order to put an end to the federal structures of Iraqi Kurdistan and end the “rule of the feudal warlords Talabani and Barzani”. He furthers claims that if the PKK could not bring Barzani and Talabani to their knees, he and his followers will fight them to the end.

Acting upon these threats, Osman Ocalan has been sending PKK militiamen to the areas of Tuzele, Karukh, Asos, and amazingly to Qaradakh district from Makhmour and Qadirkerem. This is despite clear promises Osman Ocalan made to the Kurdistan Toilers Party (KTP) and other Kurdish political organizations, to stay at Dola Goka – and not move into areas administered by the PUK.

Surely, sending forces to Qadirkerem, from Makhmour through Iraqi Government controlled territories of Kirkuk and Qadirkerem, raises serious doubts and question, especially at this time when there are reports of Iraqi military mobilizations to attack Suleimani.

Why is the PKK leadership attacking the PUK? Why are they forgetting PUK’s good deeds toward them? Why are they forgetting PUK’s dilemmas with the US, UK and Turkey regarding the PKK? Why the leadership of the PKK is initiating a fight with the PUK, which is adamant to avoid killing of Kurds by Kurds? Why is the PKK aggressively abusing and breaking its promised accords?

We believe that the true answer falls within the maniacal policies of Abdullah Ocalan who portrays himself as the supreme leader of the Kurdish people, and his avowed hostility towards the self-governing institutions of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Otherwise, when he broke down in the Turkish courthouse, Ocalan abandoned any real claims to Kurdish rights. Henceforth, why does he need armed squads in Iraqi Kurdistan and far away from Turkey? Why does he need armed forces in the areas of the PUK?

Among PKK’s provocations was the deployment of its forces in the liberated areas of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). In response, the PUK has sought to avoid conflict. We did not use force, but rather chose political means. We asked the PKK through the KTP, the Kurdistan Communist Party (KCP) and other Kurdish dignitaries abroad to move its forces to Dola Goka, located outside the liberated areas of KRG.

Two PKK armed squads, one in the Karukh area and the other in the Qaradakh area were surrounded by the PFK and without fighting were approached to leave their locations to their bases in Dola Goka. The squad in the Karukh area did obeyed the orders, but the other in the Qaradakh have chosen to disobey.

Despite all sincere attempts made here and abroad to avoid bloodshed, the leadership of the PKK is still agitating for a confrontation. While the PUK has committed itself to the petitioning of one hundred Kurdish intellectuals to avoid fighting, the PKK ignores their call and is eager to fight.

In other words, not only the PKK refuses to leave the areas of the KRG, but also, in the last days, have been approaching the foothills of Qaradakh and today at 1:30 p.m. local time have attacked the PFK bases in Razga and Maradu. Thus, they have initiated an unjust war against the PFK that only themselves (the PKK) will be responsible for the outcome.

We call upon Kurdish patriots all around the world to recognize that the PUK can protect its regions, not only from a dazzled and demoralized forces like those of the PKK, but also from forces of other countries. Therefore, our call is only to avoid the bloodshed and to avoid the unnecessary preoccupation of the PFK with conflicts that the leadership of the PKK is eagerly seeking to impose them on us.

The PUK has the will and power to defend its regions and stop the aggressors. Yet, the PUK is eager to avoid the bloodshed of Kurds by Kurds.

We implore all sincere Kurds to call upon the leadership of the PKK to stop their aggression. And, we welcome everyone and each delegate who wants to investigate the true situation in Kurdistan.

  • PUK
  • 17/09/2000 00:00:00