Two international airports or two easy exits to smuggle abroad millions of dollars by PUK and KDP

  • - By Ata Norie
  • 15/01/2007 00:00:00

Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in South Kurdistan with all unimaginable money now in their hands could have built a great international airport second to non in the region but they have built two very primitive international airports, one in Hawler and other in Sulaimani.

Both airports are as the result of the competition between Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and they know very well that they would create troubles for each other if only one airport was built in the area.

Both airports are two easy exits for smuggling millions of dollars of South Kurdistan by high ranking members of PUK and KDP. And also high ranking members of PUK and KDP can easily move in and out without checking their identities or their belongings. As we can see Prime Minister of South Kurdistan, Mr. Nechirvan Barzani, once a while disappears without anyone knows in Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) where he goes and when he comes back as he disappeared in month of December and also some high PUK members and their family move out huge sums of cash without being checked as some local media sources in South Kurdistan confirms lately such as Hawilati and Awene.

In the past, before having these two easy exits, they tried to ‘shift’ the nation wealth via their friends and their families who live aboard by exchanging or transferring the money through second or third hands because they could not easily take money via Iran, Turkey or Syria. Few years ago trusted sources convey that huge sums of a political party official were confiscated by Turkish officials. In such circumstances, the Kurdish official was happy to give-up the cash for not being linked to the corruption.

For having difficulties to send all the money they ‘steal’ from the Kurdish people, the Kurdish party and government officials thought to open two airports, even before providing other public services for which the population are desperate, such as building effective healthcare services, solving shortages of electricity or water supply or even paving the roads.

Airport for them is the most effective way out to send that money they keep stealing from the nation and send it out to invest in aboard. Then they open not just one, but two airports due to rival competition between the PUK and KDP. By having these two, the parties make it very easy for each party to easily steal whatever they desire without knowing about each other.

So in reality having two very primitive international airports in South Kurdistan is not in the interest of the Kurdish people at all as both PUK and KDK are wrongly claming. It is a total lie. Only KDP and PUK high ranking members are benefiting from them most , not Kurdish people.

Beside stealing and smuggling aboard the Kurdish wealth by high ranking members of PUK and KDP via these two primitive airports, also these two airports are the best way for PUK and KDP to do all the secret meetings aboard and bring anyone in and out from the neighboring countries in the region without letting the Kurdish people know what is going on. For example members of Iranian regime and Turkey easily manoeuvring in South Kurdistan and open their agencies there. Also some of the close Baath’s member from the former Saddam’s regime use these airports to go out and in from Iraq as Mashahn Al-Jaburi is doing because he is a close friend of Massud Barzani, the President of Kurdistan Region. (Click on this link to find about the personality of al-Jaburi; he is the one on the right in the discussion on al-Jazzira: Mashahn Al-Jaburi on right or

In short, the two international airports in South Kurdistan benefit the PUK and KDP for their personal affairs more than Kurdish nation. They are two easy exits for taking out millions of dollars of people’s wealth.

  • - By Ata Norie
  • 15/01/2007 00:00:00