Call for economic boycott of the Turkish products and think twice before you buy them

  • - By Dana Berzinjy
  • 29/03/2008 00:00:00

The Turkish government has showed its aggression, and assaulted the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), by airplane fighters, and used ground forces brutally in current days. Whatever, the reason was behind the Turkish Government’s agenda, such an assault and barbaric invasion, was disapproved by the International Community (IC). The invasion was a breach of the International Law. Despite all the excuses by the Turkish barbaric Army, and the Turkish Government for their violations and attacks on the Kurdish villages on any grounds, it was a violation against the Kurdish Regional Government and the sovereignty of Iraq. So, that’s why, I believe the Kurdish people, Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks and the International Community should boycott the Turkish products, in order to weaken politically the power of the Turkish Army, and to stop its attack on innocent civilians in Kurdistan. In addition to that, the Turkish Government should apologize on behalf of the previous Governments for the 1915 the Genocide that committed against Armenians and non Muslim Kurds (Yezidis) through the past centuries. The Yezidis resided on the territory of the Ottoman Empire, before the World War 1, more than 500,000 Yezidis were murdered brutally by the Turks. The Turkish historiographer Katib Tchelebi also stated that from 1915 to 1918 about 300,000 Yezidis were massacred during the Ottoman Empire, cited on this web site

Historically Turkey is the land of the Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks. The Turks are invaders and occupied our homeland Kurdistan. There are more than 20 million Kurds that live in Turkey, despite our case the rights of the Kurds and the other nationalities are denied by Turkey for many centuries. The population of Kurds many times more than Kosovo, but the people of Kosovo declared their independence couple weeks ago. In addition to that, Exbaziya declared its independence from Georgia, and its population is about 250,000 people. The Kurdish population which is 160 times bigger than Exbaziya. If this is the case the people of Turkey need to react against the Turkish invasion. They should show their demonstrations often and refuse to buy things and close their shops, at least for one week. They need to stay at home after that, they should go on strike and start heavy demonstrations in the Kurdish cities, country towns and villages.

Kurdish soldiers in the Turkish Army need to support the uprising and refuse to kill their fellow Kurds and stay away from the war. All Kurds, Turkish, Greeks and Armenians know very well this war does not serve the people of Turkey, except it destroys their country and their relations with each other. The Turkish Army’s aggression against the Kurds does not serve anyone except the Turkish Generals to fill up their pockets and to put their hands in the bloods of the innocent Kurdish people, and the Turkish solders.

Turkish citizens need to put their differences aside and know how to respect each other and to learn how to live together. Turkey is not just fighting against the PKK fighters, but also has a hidden agenda against our homeland Kurdistan of Iraq (South of Kurdistan). Is not now a right time that the Iraqi Federal Government and the Kurdish Regional Government to cancel all the existence contracts with Turkey? When their contracts are expired, they should not be renewed again. This is the right time to take an action against our enemy and boycott the Turkish products, and instead have new contracts with other countries like Jordan, South Korea, China, Israel and other countries. Why do we have to always stick with the enemy even though some times they have exported their expired medicines, and foods to Kurdistan? The PKK and the Turkish Government conflicts should be worked out in Turkey not in the Iraqi Kurdistan, and their war is purely political and the Kurds in Turkey are fighting for their occupied homeland which is Kurdistan. Every day millions of Kurds are demonstrating against the Turkish occupation in Turkey. Turkey needs to solve its internal matters in Turkey, and shouldn’t export its problem to another country. The Kurdish and the Turkish people should know the dirty intentions of the Turkish Army, and need to take an action and resist the Turkish Government in order to save their sons to become ashes of the war, for the benefits of the Turkish Army Generals. In the light of the great article that was written by Dr Hoshiar Molod, I would like to expand about that topic, which is very vital for today’s political situation in Kurdistan. As we know Kurdistan has been surrounded by the hostile countries. They are not going to grant our rights in a peaceful way, because they are tyrants and oppressors.

Acar of the Erbil Business people's Association says: "Violence is affecting economic relations; this is to Turkey's detriment. There are people From Turkey and Iraq feeding from violence”. Acar told the Turkish government and the media to stop seeing Massoud Barzani, as an enemy. This is how Ahmet Acar, president of the Business people’s Association in Erbil; the Iraqi Kurdistan's capital sees the relations between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan region. He said that the attacks carried out by the Turkish Army are dropping the economic activity of Turkey. Acar said that people in Kurdistan were not affected by the attacks, and the places were left by the Turks were taken by the businessmen from countries like China, Japan, Australia and South Korea.

Acar said many Turkish companies work in the field of textile production and bread factories, according to the data from 2006, there were 15,000 employees and more than 200 companies from Turkey in Iraqi Kurdistan. Acar said that the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) did not put pressure on the Turkish companies, but they were labeled as "traitors" by Turkey.

According to data provided by the Erbil Chamber of Commerce, 23 Turkish factories left Kurdistan in the first 2 weeks of October. The Turkish Contractors' Union, those companies from Turkey earned five billion dollars in Iraq since 2003. Tahir Telllioglu, both deputy president of the Turkish Federation of Construction Contractors and president of the Ankara Construction Contractors' Association, said: "Contractors should leave Iraq immediately. As of today, whoever puts one stone onto another in Iraq is betraying their country." If this is the attitude of the Turks towards our nation, we need to think wisely and shop somewhere else that we are more comfortable with and boycott their products.

Economic Boycott

The Albert Einstein Institution defines an economic boycott as, "The withdrawal or withholding of economic cooperation in the form of buying, selling, or handling of goods or services, often accompanied by efforts to induce others to do likewise. It may be practiced on local, regional, national, or international levels."

In this way it means to refuse to continue a certain economic interaction, particularly the buying, selling, or handling of goods and services. Boycotting is a good method and effective way, and it is legal without a violent protest. These days are well known that a boycott method is the only way to boycott the countries which abuse human wrights. It is powerful method of change as well.

I agree with Dr Hoshiar Molod, and other authors in order to boycott all Turkish products, because the boycott is a great method and more successful than protests on the streets of Kurdistan and the world. The intentions of the Turkish attacks on Kurdistan were to weaken and undermine the Kurdish authority in Iraq. I want to say that unfortunately, the Iraqi Government did not act quickly, and it was a very slow reaction against the Turkish invasion. The Turkish Racist Government does not recognize the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), and treats the Kurdish Government and the Kurds in a racist way. Sometimes they use bad language against the Kurds, and wish the government to fall a part. They think that Kurdistan is still part of the collapsed Turkish Ottoman Empire, and any time the Turkish Army Generals wanted, can occupy Kurdistan. If the Turkish Government looks at Kurdistan Regional Government in a hostile way, why do the Kurds have to have a commercial relation with Turkey?

A report from the Sbeiy website, confirmed that 40% of Kurdistan’s regional government budget for year 2007 had gone to the Turkish companies for contracts and buying of merchandise. We should end all business relations with Turkey, because of their aggression and assaults which the Turkish Army continuously bullies and harasses us by bombarding and killing our people, and destroying villages and our bridges. In the recent incursion, The Turkish brutal Army planted 3200 mines in Kurdistan in a shape of toys to kill our children. Despite billions of dollars that the Turks collect every year from Kurdistan, for having business in our region, the last Turkish attack on our sovereignty, through the bombardment by airplane fighters, they made huge damages, which were estimated more than 20 million US Dollars. So, that’s why it is very important for the Kurds to boycott the Turkish products in order to stop the Army’s aggression against our people. The Turkish threat is a dangerous game on us and we need to take this matter seriously, and we should react without delay against the past and the future offensive and invasion. I believe everyone should support the boycott of Turkish products against the Turkish invasion and abusing human rights in Turkey. The Turkish Government used a boycott against implementation of the human right laws by European countries. Turkey is also in 2000 boycotted against Belgian products, in order the Belgian Government should hand over some people to put to death in Turkey. It also the Turkish supermarkets in Turkey had boycotted in 2006 against the French products, due to the French parliament passed the Armenian genocide bill. If Turkey uses a boycott policy for its own benefit, so the other nationalities have a right to use it against the Turkish State of Terror.

Boycotts will work well

Sometimes the customers stay away from buying certain products from some of the companies, because they have very bad perceptions. Boycotts are more effective than any other methods such demonstration, lobbying and other campaigns. From my understanding the Kurdistan Regional Government has made many commercial agreements with the Turkish companies in Kurdistan. According to the Kurdistan Regional Government more than 400 Turkish companies are working in Kurdistan recently. So, they can sell their products and they will get our dollars. This process generates billions of dollars and promotes and makes the Turkish economy much stronger. So, the people in Turkey will have more power to purchase goods and services and they make more money from agricultural, fashion, music, and medicine industries. So, now the Turkish industries have found the market in Kurdistan in order to sell their products, and eventually our sectors will get weaker and weaker. Finally, they will control our market, and they will bombard us by their products, especially if their products are low-priced than the Iraqi or the Kurdish products, in this way our products will stay longer in the market and nobody will buy it. In the end we will lose our economy and we can not stand against the Turkish competitors. In order to avoid this, so our Iraqi and Kurdish Economists should think twice before this awful situation gets worse. If this is the case the Iraqi people in general and the Kurdish people in particular, will be totally just consumers not producers. So in the end, it will harm our economy financially, economically, and politically. If our market is controlled by the Turkish businessmen and their products, so, the Turkish authorities can put an economic sanction on Kurdistan by stopping sending their products to our people. If it reaches this point, it’s going to be too late until we will find a market, and we have to pay a heavy price for our mistakes. So, why we have to give our dollars to somebody else, if our farmers in Kurdistan are capable to do the same job. Who will get richer and richer our farmers in Kurdistan, or our Turkish Neighbor? At the result the Turkish Government will have more power economically to buy weapons, guns, artilleries, helicopter gunship’s from other countries like USA, then later on, they will use it against the Kurds. That means they will use and spend our money to destroy our homeland. The current situation in Kurdistan is a great example that the Turks destroyed our villages in Kurdistan over and over. They use our dollars to destroy our bridges, that built by our poor people, or money from charities that was given by western countries, and churches but not by mosques of the selfish Islamic or the Arab World.

We need to avoid buying or selling Turkish products, like Turkish bread, tomato paste, or at a restaurant like Kebabs, Dolma and so on. I live in Australia but it has been long which, I have refused to buy Turkish products, even if less than a dollar. I want to say, it is a shame for some of the Kurdish singers who go to Turkey to make clips or to record CDs. Why don’t they spend their money to make their CDs in Kurdistan?

I want to say, unfortunately, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) gives out contracts and deals with the Turkish businessmen, which is worth billions of dollars. That is our mistake, and today we have to pay a heavy price for that. It is also very sad to hear at the Iraqi level to tie Iraq, and the Turkish relations strongly on the bases of trade, and it’s unfortunate, that the Iraqi president urged Turkish investment on 9.3.2008, during his visit to Turkey. The Iraqi’s goal and the strategic visit were extended the Iraqi relationship with Turkey on different levels for instance, economic, trade, oil, political, culture, etc. That’s what the Iraqi president told the Turkish business leaders. He guaranteed that the businessmen will get different kinds of help, and facilities in Iraq. Believe this kind of business it will harm the Kurdish question without any guarantee from the Turkish side to stop its aggression against our nation in South and in North of Kurdistan. According to the article that cited in ekurd web site, the Turkish exports to Iraq amounted to 2.82 billion dollars in 2007, while Iraqi imports only came to 650 million, according to Turkish government statistics. Tuzmen expected that two way trades would total six billion dollars in 2008 and he said the aim is 20 billion by year 2010. Promoting business relations with Turkey, which make the Turkish Government stronger financially and their economy gets healthier. The Turkish companies hate the loss of sales and negative publicity; boycott campaigns bring an image problem that can damage their business for decades.

President Talabani’s official visit to Ankara on Friday 3rd of March 2008, which cited on’ web site, Pervin Buldan, Pro-Kurdish DTP deputy criticized Mr. Talabani while she was speaking to her party’s Igdir branch last Saturday in that event which organized to mark March 8, International Women’s Day, she made comments about the Iraqi leader, who was in Turkey. “Mr. Talabani, if you have the slightest bit of Kurdish pride, you wouldn’t cooperate with the state and government here in Turkey,” she said. According to the website during his visit, the President Talabani promised the Turkish leaders that he will take an action against the Turkish-Kurdish Workers Party. The combat against the PKK requisite closer co-ordination between Ankara, Washington and Baghdad, Talabani said on Saturday. I want to get back to my previous argument and direct a question to our lecturers and our economists at our universities, financial, and economic ministries in Kurdistan. Is this the way that you could manage the economic resources of Kurdistan? Would not have been better method to find jobs for the people of Kurdistan, and our young graduates from universities? All the organizations and their advisers, I have mentioned it previously should be held countable for a bad economic management in Kurdistan for a high inflation, a high rate of unemployment, high prices, expire dates of foods, medicine, and the Turkish monopoly market in Kurdistan. If we want to follow the method of the boycotts; absolutely it works very well, if the people behind it put lots of efforts in order to organize it. A boycott will generally be very successful if it has focused leadership. If everyone refuses to buy Turkish products, it does not matter where you live in Kurdistan, Australia, Germany, USA, England, and Turkey. Wherever you are if you refuse to buy their products the demand for their products will be reduced heavily, and finally, it will harm and hit the hostile Army indirectly. If you want to support the Kurdish issue in Kurdistan, you need to refuse to buy products which were made in Turkey. When a boycott is successful the hopes of the Turkish generals will be faded, and they will begin to pay attention to our demands and the boycotters. Indirectly, we will put economic and political pressures on people, and people of Turkey and the World will put a direct pressure and a heavy load at the Turkish Army dictators in Ankara.

It is a good opportunity for the Turkish Government to change the offensive practice before an economic sanction commences on your products. The Kurdish unity and their friends like Armenians and supporters in the World are essential; in order the boycott can be successful effectively in regard to the economic action. I am sure this strategy will be powerful and these boycotts can be effective victory. This kind of a formal boycott, that I propose is for the sake of freedom of the people that live in Kurdistan like Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Arabs and Turkish, democracy, and free Kurdistan.

We are able to choose when and where to shop and spend our financial resources. Formalizing the boycott with a particular reason can enhance the effectiveness of this approach by getting a superior number of people and a precise objective such as eliminating a Turkish pressure on our nation and to stand for our rights.

Is not a good idea to boycott sending patrols from Kirkuk oil field to the Turkish port of Jihan? Kirkuk oil field produces 400,000 barrels per day, and then from there the patrol goes to overseas. How can we do that? I want to direct this question to our Iraqi and the Kurdish Regional Government oil Ministries. If we are really counted by the Government of Maliki to become part of the sovereign Iraq, the Iraqi Oil Minister’s duty to do that, isn’t? But, the oil minister of the Kurdish Regional Government can not stop sending patrol to Turkey, because officially Kirkuk still has not returned to KRG authority. So, here is something wrong again. If our leaders after the fall of the former executed the Iraqi Dictator Saddam’s regime, did not join the Iraqi government in Baghdad, for their seats in the Iraqi parliament. Our situation would have been much better now, because our leaders in the past easily could have told the Iraqi Arab leaders, and the President of the United states of America, that we would not join the Central Government until we establish our homeland Kurdistan, and the Iraqi Central Government must confess that all the occupied areas by the former regime are parts of Kurdistan Regional Government.

Our leaders should have previously demanded them to put back our occupied land on our region. After that they should have joined and would become part of the Iraqi Federal Government. The Kurds in Baghdad currently are mediators between the Sunnis, and Shiites Arabs’ conflict and the civil war in south, and even sometimes they ignored to defend the benefits of the Kurds and Federalism of Iraq. Because the internal problems are more focused on, than the Kurdish problems. After all of this hard work, efforts and the struggle that the Kurdish leaders and Peshmerga Forces put into the reconciliation between Arabs and the reconstruction of Federal Iraq, unfortunately, the Arabs call us the second Israel in the Middle East. But, I want to say that every single Arab country in the Middle East is directly and in directly is an agent to Israel and the USA, for instance the USA gives each year millions of dollars to Egypt, Jordan and even Palestinian Resistance. I wish it was like that but unfortunately the Israeli Government supports the Turkish State of Terror and the United States of America gives Turkey F 16, to destroy Kurdistan. This is our ally!

Are boycotts ethically correct?

It is acceptable for people to make a decision where and when to spend their money or to make it known why they do or do not utilize a particular company's goods or services.

"Kurds! Defend yourselves!

Don't shop at Turkish stores and do not buy their products!"

The boycott strategy, itself, is a right decision. It like many other good things has even been done by church leaders like William Wilberforce, who planned one of the most successful Christian boycotts in the Eighteenth Century. He called for a boycott of sugar in an effort to conclude the slave business in the British colonies. Wilberforce and others knew that slavery was immoral and they decided not to buy sugar, which produced by using slaves. Since the Eighteenth Century, so many churches, in the past participated in a variety of boycott activities. Christian people like Wilberforce with the heinous institution of slavery tried to get rid of the greatest human rights abuse of the past.

Kurds are entitled to exercise their rights not to support an evil cause. The consequences of a boycott are very powerful in order to demolish the economical power of a racist Government like Turkey. For instance look at the economic effects on a larger scale. Suppose just 1,000, 000 boycotters promised to spend their money elsewhere and they pass on a small figure of $ 20 per week. That would amount to $ 20 million per week or well over $1,160 billion a year. Imagine what the Turkish Army can buy for that amount in order to destroy our homeland, and murder our people. What happens if millions of Kurd and other people are ready to boycott the Turkish products? By doing that, we get rid of the Turkish dictatorship, and we will enjoy democracy and freedom of speech in North of Kurdistan and millions of Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks will be freed in the hands of the evil. Let me comment about my opinion as well, when People have money they are responsible how to spend it, and what to buy for that money, still you have a power in your hands, but after you bought the Turkish products, you have no power over it, and that power goes to the Turkish companies, and it depends how they are going to spend and manage their money. Then morally the company owners are responsible, if they are going to support the bad intention of the Government or spend it in other way to harm the Kurds and the other nationalities that live in Turkey. Please don't participate out of guiltiness, instead be careful when you spend your money, use it wisely, effectively, and serve it for the benefit of the humanity and for the purpose of God.

Economic boycotting is a strong weapon and political approach against extortion

You might be happy with the term” wise spending” or “smart choice”. As a consumer you have a right and you are in charge where to shop, support, or buy from corporations based on position, reliable strategy and values. This is neither political nor strong-armed.

Look at the experiences of the other countries in the World that have used Economic Sanctions against their tyrants and they were successful in their vital mission to serve their nations and the entire World!

A Long time before the Hitler’s government began limiting the rights of the German Jews, the Jewish leaders in the world formally established war on the "New Germany" at a time when the U.S. government and even the Jewish leaders in Germany were alarmed in dealing with Hitler. Some people know the fact about the event that helped spark what eventually became known as World War II. The international Jewish declaration of war on Germany, after Adolf Hitler got the power, and well before any official German government sanctions against Jews were passed. The Daily Express of London on March 24, 1933 issue of described how Jewish leaders, in grouping with powerful international Jewish financial interests began a boycott on Germany for the express purpose of crippling her already unstable economy in aspiration to fall the new regime’s Hitler. The New York attorney Samuel Untermyer was one of the leading activists in the war in opposition to Germany, and said that the Jewish movement as nothing less than a "holy war." The war by the international Jewish leadership on Germany sparked economic and political alliance between the Hitler government, and the Jewish leaders hoped that the pressure between the Germans and the Jews would lead to enormous emigration to Palestine. It was true there were aggressions against Jews in Germany after Hitler came to power; this was encouraged by Hitler later on. The truth is that anti-Jewish sentiments in Germany were actually nothing new. German Jewish Central Association, disputed that the new government was intentionally frustrating anti-Jewish uprisings. The Jewish leaders in the United States, and England decided on their own that it was important to commence a war against the Hitler’s government.

In 1933, the leader in chief of the Jewish War Veterans called for an American boycott of German goods. Jews protested at New York's City Hall as assembly were staged outside the North German Lloyd and Hamburg-American shipping lines, and boycotts were enhanced against German goods throughout shops and businesses in New York City.

The Daily Express of London of March 24, 1933, said the entire people of Israel and the world was united and declared an economic and financial war on Germany. This campaign called a “holy war” against Hitler's people. So the Germany was confronted with an international boycott of its trade, its finances, and its industry. The New York rally was broadcast worldwide. The bottom line is that "the New Germany" was acknowledged to be an enemy of Jewish interests and thus needed to be economically strangulated. This was before Hitler determined to boycott Jewish goods. In 1933, the German economy was in a disaster, some 3 million Germans were on public assistance with a total of 6 million unemployed. The inflation destroyed the economic strength of the German nation. The boycott destroyed Germany politically, socially and economically. The intention of the Jewish boycott was to bankrupt Germany, and make its economy very weak. Germany transformed from a nation of culture into an absolute hell of malicious and savage creatures. The entire world hit the German economy in order to free humanity from a recurrence of this unbelievable offend. Everyone on the earth made common cause against the slaughter, starvation, brutal torture, unkindness, and discrimination that were imposed on Jewish men, women and children. The campaign was entirely defensive economic boycott that to weaken the Hitler’s regime, and to destroy their exports. That was the only way to make Germany to understand and stop discrimination against innocent Jewish people.

Arabs also in the last thirty years of Israel’s existence boycotted Israeli products, and had shocking effect on Israel’s economy. Many large multinational companies boycotted against Israel, and put pressure and refused to do business with the state of Israel. PLO commanded by Yasir Arafat published in "Al Hayyat Al-Jadidah" and read on Palestinian television. The Fatah called on people to boycott Israeli products. Fatah called all merchants to stop the importation of Israeli products and persisted that all advertising agents should end promoting Israeli products. The Arab boycott forced on the Jewish community in Palestine in 1946. In 1951, in Damascus, Syria, the Central Office of the Arab boycott was established by the Arab League. Its offices, and its lists of black listed companies that had business with Israel are still there and they met 66 times. In 1955 extended to the international sphere. In the "golden years" of the Arab boycott, over 8,500 dissimilar companies puffed out the list of the offices in Damascus. But it is significance to mention it that the companies carried out business with Israel were boycotted and the Arab themselves had no barriers to buy missiles and guns from corporations that sold guns to the State of Israel. Coca-Cola excluded from the Arab world, because it had tie with Israel. The Pepsi, also on the other hand, followed the dictates of the boycott and started to open business doors in Israel in 1992! Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian autonomy agreed to refuse the Boycott as part of the peace agreements with Israel; but in both Egypt and Jordan, quite a number of professional companies, with the tacit support of governmental authorities, insisted against the normalization of relations with Israel. In recent years, the Arab world has once again unsheathed the sword of economic sanctions. At the controls of the enterprise many Arab and Islamic groups in the USA, are strongly lobby American congressmen, with the support of the Arabs. In order to pressure Israel into canceling its show, the Palestinian Authority and much of the Islamic world threatened a huge boycott of Walt Disney products. And we are still in the thick of the Burger King drama, that hamburger chain was subjected to fabulous financial and economic pressure by the Arab-American boycott gentlemen. Boycott method was used in order economically to destroy Jewish state. 1765–1775 A.D. The American colonists had resistance campaigns against British rule (the Stamp Acts of 1765, the Townshend Acts of 1767, and the Coercive Acts of 1774), resulting in de facto independence for nine colonies by 1775.

In1955–1968 these methods were used such as bus boycotts, economic boycotts, enormous demonstrations, marches, and freedom rides, the U.S. civil rights movement which won the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This equality was achieved for the first time in the American History, which granted equal rights for African-Americans. In 1880s Laborers from County Mayo, Ireland led a successful "boycott" movement against Charles C. Boycott; a wicked British land agent always used armed force to gather shameful rents from local residents.

In 1900s Anti imperialist demonstrations in China pursued by an economic boycott of American products, protesting the Chinese Exclusion Act and calling to conclude to immigration laws that distinguished against Chinese, who liked to go into the United States 1870s and 1880s. Some Chinese migrants killed in the Western United States anti-Chinese uprising. In 1919–1920 in Egypt workers started protests, strikes and boycotts campaign against Lord Milner and his commissioners, who were supposed as the embodiment of English colonialism, at the result of the strikes and other methods led to Egypt to gain its independence from British. The powerful Mahatma Gandhi's, 1920s–1947 structured campaign of no participation with the British and used a boycott against British products. The campaign known as swadeshi (reliance on indigenous products), at the result of the boycott badly damaged textile manufacturing in England, and this economic sanction put an enormous pressure against England. Finally, Britain granted Indian independence in 1947. People in South Africa, between these years, 1959–1994 launched a boycott that mobilized millions around the world, mainly students, through group action. Africans used the variety of protests such as boycotts, demonstrations, hunger strikes, divestment campaigns, economic sanctions, and other activities. Finally, this struggle led to free Mr. Mandela from prison, and Nelson Mandela in the end became the first democratic elected President of a multicultural South Africa, on 10 May 1994.

American farm workers between 1968–1984, which led by Cesar Chavez, structured an international boycott of California grapes, and later Chiquita bananas and non-union lettuce, which successfully became part of union agreements between the United Farm Workers Association and the growers.

1977–1984 One of the largest non-union boycotts was against Nestle, who’s hostile and misleading marketing practices of its toddler formula supplied to a worldwide turn down in breastfeeding and the cooperated in increasing in "bottle baby deaths." The boycott caused Nestle to collapse its demand and to lose over a billion dollars in profits, so the boycotted caused and forced the corporation to amend its practices.

Poland’s movement 1981–1987, who’s led by Lech Walesa, benefited very much from worldwide economic sanctions and boycotts, when the USA imposed economic punishment on Poland, after the Communist Regime in 1981 prohibited the harmony movement and detained more than 30,000 members. The liberalization in Poland that put to end the Communist Government was prompted in significant part by the desire of Poland’s Communist government to get rid of the sanctions. The fall of the Communist Regime in Poland impulsive the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and the smash up of the Soviet Union. The Armenians, Assyrians, Kurdish genocide, were crimes committed against the human race in general, and in particular those nations, I have mentioned them previously. I strongly believe that the International Community is not going to tolerate those criminals that committed crimes in the last century on any grounds. The Turkish Government needs to apologize to those nations and the World wide on behalf of those regimes in the past that murdered millions of Armenian Christians, Yezidis and thousands of razed Kurdish villages and millions of homeless Kurds. The Turkish government still denies the history and does not recognize the genocide of the Armenians and Yezidi Kurds. The current regime in Turkey still follows the previous foot prints and traces of the Ottoman Empire, by committing massacre, and murdering of our people in South and North of Kurdistan. The reason for that the Turkish Army wants to weaken the Kurdish existence in our homeland. Kurdish people have not occupied Turkish homeland, the Turks occupied and had taken our homeland. The history and the International Community can witness that.

Our Prime Minister Mr. Kevin Rudd on behalf of the Australian Government apologized for the Aboriginal people, and he made a great history for Australian people, for labor party, for the democratic elected Government, for the World Wide, and for himself. That’s why Australia is a great country, and has a great and powerful nation, and has a great Government. If you live in a country like that you are always proud of yourself and morally you fill great. Every nation and everyone should be proud in the World for this great and remarkable achievement not just for Australian Aboriginal people, but also for the entire humanity.

That’s why I would like to ask the Kurdish people and the worldwide to boycott the Turkish products, because the Turkish Army does not stop its war and aggression against the Kurdish civilians, putting innocent Kurdish people in prison for using (their mother tongue) the Kurdish language, does not let people to speak freely about their concerns, Ann and imposes the Turkish language andw.ekurd.nand imposed the Turkish language on people, on TV channels, in education system. They say everyone lives in Turkey is counted as a Turk. The Government does not recognize the rights of the other the nationalities except Turks. These kinds of abuse to human race are not just discrimination against those nations which live in Turkey, but it’s a discrimination against the entire World. The International Community should avoid traveling to Turkey. Australian people should support the Kurdish struggle for democracy and avoid to deal and travel to Turkey. Australian government should impose economic sanctions, an arms embargo and a tourism boycott against the regime.

The Turkish Government should transfer power to the people in Turkey, and needs to respect the elected members of the Kurds especially DTP, without harassing them when they ask about the Kurdish rights, freedom of speech, and democracy for Turkey.

The people should boycott the Turkish products, unless the Turkish regime follows the demands of the Kurds, Armenians and the International Community, and stops harassing freedom of people, grants the rights of more than 20 million Kurds in Turkey, reconstruction of more than 4500 villages which were destroyed by Turkish Army and the return of 3-5 million villagers to their villages, stops bombarding innocent villages and murdering innocent villagers and improves democracy. In addition the Kurdish language should be allowed to be used and taught in Kurdish areas. Individual countries and the UN should impose economic sanctions and an arms embargo, and stop providing economic support to the Turkish Government. If you buy Turkish products directly it means you support the Turkish Army’s invasion and the Government denial of the Armenian and Yezidis genocide, and the killing of Kurdish civilians and the denial of the human rights in Turkey, by the Turkish government. This boycott method can be applied at the same way in the other countries that abuse human rights, which occupied our lands such as Iran, and Syria

The author is a Kurdish freelance writer living in Australia.


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