Nawshirwan Mustafa’s statement on Mala Bakhtyar’s accusations against him

  • - By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli
  • 22/05/2008 00:00:00

Translated by Dr Kamal Mirawdeli

“The way I share the historical responsibility for all the victories, achievements and failures of PUK, I also share the wealth, property and finance of PUK and no one is entitled to see this as a favour towards me.”

[Statement: "Clarification from [former deputy General Secretary of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)] Nawshirwan Mustafa"]

Transltaed from Sbey media website of Wisha Company, 20 May 08

On several occasions [PUK political bureau spokesperson] Mala Bakhtyar and [PUK head of party organisation bureau] Arsalan Bayiz have been making claims that:

• They (PUK) has given me money

• They have not given me this money so that I would use it against PUK

• They have given me money and land so that I would set up a ‘centre for scientific studies’ not newspapers and TV.

In order the cadres of PUK and public opinion can have a clear picture and readers and listeners are not misled, I would like to clarify some points:

1. ‘Wisha Company’ is neither a ‘party organisation centre’ to belong to Arsalan Bayiz’s organisation bureau, neither is it a ‘democratic organisation’ to belong to Mala Bakhtyar’s ‘bureau of democratic organisations’ and thus receive money and salary from them. Neither I nor my colleagues and co-workers have received money from these two named persons. Our institutions are not their vassals, therefore all their claims are baseless and wrong and whatever they say it is their words.

2. I was one of the principal founders of PUK, its peshmarga force and all its organisational and media institutions. I was a main participant in the past history of PUK and creating its present, with all its positive and negative aspects. The way I share the historical responsibility for all the victories, achievements and failures of PUK, I also share the wealth, property and finance of PUK and no one is entitled to see this as a favour towards me.

3. From the beginning of the foundation of Wisha Company until now I have in more than ten occasions referred with thanks to the support that [PUK General Secretary] Mam [honorific] Jalal Talabani has offered us for example:

- In my first interview with Hawlati after resigning [from the position of deputy leader]

- In Sbey’s mission statement which is still available on the website

- In the first issue of Rozhnama

- In press interview with known French writer Chris Kochira

Mam Jalal Talabani’s support for us was: 10 million dollars, a government building and a hill belonging to Nokan Company [reportedly owned by Talabani’s family and controls most of the land, property, contracts, businesses and finances in Sulaymaniyah]. These have been the first and last help from Talabani to us and all these have been registered in the name of Wisha Company which has its own moral and legal character. We have repeated this [acknowledgement] so often that it has diminished the political and moral value of this support.

4. ‘Wisha Company for Media (information)” as we have defined it from the very beginning of the contract of the foundation of the company, would be an “audio, visual and written” media. Therefore we consider it our right [to be supported financially and otherwise] the way all the media institutions of political parties are funded by government money and from survive on public funding. Either the public funding for all the parties media is stopped and they depend on their own money to finance their media, or it would be the responsibility of the government to ensure equal financial support to our company. Otherwise we cannot accept different rules for different persons.

The other allegation that is made [about Wisha Company] is that according to an alleged agreement that I have made with these [PUK] persons, ”I do not have any right to publish newspapers and establish a TV channel, but I have only the right to set up a centre for scientific studies”. Like the other previous statements these are all baseless and false too.

1. There is no written or verbal contract between me and these two persons or any other member of [PUK] political bureau so that I have had to abide by it or otherwise have contravened its terms.

2. When I resigned my position [as PUK deputy General Secretary] and said good bye to the members of political bureau, it was not because I was made angry or did not get on, but the reason was that I had political differences with them on a number of destiny-making issues especially in relation to the management of PUK and the government.

3. Unless one pretends ignorance, they would know that my political differences with these colleagues have been published in a number of written documents:

- In the memorandum we presented to the Secretary General with the support of other members of the political bureau.

- In the programme that was presented to the political bureau before the elections and was widely circulated.

- In the Sbey’s Mission Statement.

In addition, [I have explained my differences] in a number of interviews I have had with Kurdish, Arabic and European media and in a number of TV seminars. In the last few months I have published several articles in Sbey website and [daily newspaper of Wisha Company] Rozhnama.

4. From the date I resigned I have stated without any obscurity that we would set up a Company for audio, visual and written media. In the Contract of the foundation of Wisha Company this aim has been clearly stated. I have repeated the same message in all my press interviews.

Mala Bakhtyar and Arsalan Bayiz are free how they set up the plans and programmes of their own bureaus but they cannot impose any programme on us. We are free to set up our action plans the way we choose.

5. PUK has had a ‘centre for strategic studies’ for more than 10 years. If these persons have such great concern for scientific and strategic studies, let them start with the review and evaluation of their studies and improve the effectiveness of this centre, before waiting for our achievements.

6. Within the framework we have designed for our work we have been able so far to set up the Sbey website, Rozhnama daily paper, public poll centre and Zargata Press. We will soon operate our satellite TV and will be able to set up a centre for studies by the end of the year [2008].

  • - By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli
  • 22/05/2008 00:00:00