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  • 19/12/2008 00:00:00 has started its journey more than two years ago and been kept alive against all odds. Our aim is to support the idea of the emerging Kurdish Cinema. has been created to provide theoretical, historical and practical information about Kurdish Cinema movement. Our aim was/is to create an online platform for those who are interested in Kurdish Cinema and to improve the communication between those people.

Now, as part of its commitment, has decided to give a script award in 2009. The aim of this award, which would be the first of its kind, is to support the young screenwriters and directors and to promote the script writing among the concerned circle.

In particular, we expect the application of young directors and scenarist for this award. Our ultimate aim is to organize a script competition every year. For the reason we would like to declare that we are open to every suggestion, support and corporation of any individual, institution or circles so as to organize this script award and competition. Also we would like to state that is looking for sponsors in order to organize a better and comprehensive script competition. Please let us know if you can help us in anyway.

The award will be $ 1000 AU (Australian dollar) for the writer of would be chosen as a best script. And also the best script chosen will be published at


1) The topic of the scenario will be about “Kurdish women”

2) The scripts should be written in Kurdish (Latin alphabet) with English translation.

3) The scripts should be posted to our address shown below no later than on 1st of March 2009

4) The scripts have to be in the form of shooting scripts. And a page of synopsis of the topic should be enclosed to the script.

5) A character analysis should accompany the synopsis.

6) The scripts should not be shot into a film before. They have to be new.

7) The length of the scripts cannot be more than 20 minutes and cannot be more than 20 A4 pages.

8) The contributors, (script writers) should send a short biography of themselves along with a photo of themselves.

The main assessment criteria for the scripts

- The topic should be authentic, interesting. And the richness of the imagination and telling of the story is very important.

One copy of the scripts should be forwarded to our e-mail address indicated below and another hard copy of it should be posted to our mailing address no later than 1st of March 2009.


Devrim Kilic

42 / A - Acacia St Glenroy, Post Code: 3046,

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


For more details about the KurdishCinema script award please send us an e-mail.

Note: Any one interested in becoming a sponsor for this script award please let us know. We would highly appreciate your support and contribution.

Devrim Kiliç, editor in chief

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