Statement by Gorran Movement about the Current Situation in Kurdistan – Iraq

  • 31/01/2011 00:00:00

Following are the English translation of a Statement by Gorran movement in Kurdistan

Proud Citizens of Kurdistan

We are witnessing historic events unfolding throughout the world that herald the end of dictatorships in the majority of the closed and oppressed countries. A wave of protest has galvanised the people in many part of the world in pursuit of freedom and equality. The determined masses have poured into the streets demanding their freedom and justice and struck terror in the heart of the oppressors. The international support for these democratic changes has been echoed in all the major capitals in the world and dictators and oppressors are being roundly condemned by them.

While we, in Kurdistan, welcome this wave of change and eagerly anticipating the positive developments as they unfold, we regard, with disappointment, the apathy and indifference of the current authorities of Kurdistan towards the demand of the people. They have failed to take any serious measure to democratise the system of government, to achieve social justice or to provide the services that the people of Kurdistan need in their daily life. The people of Kurdistan were aspiring that the in the wake of the 1991 uprising, a democratic system of government would be established that would become a beacon of democratic change and social justice in the region that would compel the people in the rest of the region to follow suit. But the reality that emerged since then has dashed all of these aspirations. Not only Kurdistan failed to establish the democracy that others would follow, instead, we ended up with a governing system of oppressive partisanship autocracy that has copied other failed modules.

The emergence of the Parliamentary opposition, almost two years ago, raised real hopes within the people of Kurdistan that the region’s authority would revise their attitude and take the opportunity of the emerging opposition as an occasion to democratise the government, establish a real parliamentary democracy, improve the living standards, create work opportunities and development schemes for the youth, to nationalise the region’s defences and security apparatus and separate the party-political authority from the government authority. Instead, contrary to the people’s expectations, the ruling elite are implementing carefully drawn plans to desolate our national institutions, first and foremost Kurdistan Parliament, which has totally lost its’ ability to hold the government to account. The current parliament has failed in the past 18 months to question any official from the authority of the region. Even the regional government does not recognise the Parliament, from which it acquires its legitimacy, and refuses to answer any question raised by the members.

Gorran movement have frequently raised these concerns in our vocal and written presentations, through our representatives in Kurdistan and Baghdad (Iraq) Parliaments, to the ruling elites from both ruling parties, and have repeatedly drawn their attentions to the potential dangers of the situation. But time and again we were faced with more apathy and indifference from them. Therefore, now it is the time for our movement to submit these demands forthrightly and publically to the ruling elites and all of the political parties of Kurdistan as a genuine solution to end the system of partisanship autocracy and establish new principals of government that enjoy your support and in which we all can take pride:

1- To prohibit the leadership of KDP and PUK from any kind of interference in the affairs of the Government, statutory bodies, the Parliament, judiciary, security services and Peshmerga (armed forces).

2- To prohibit the Security Services, Zanyary (PUK intelligent Services), Parastin (KDP intelligent Services) and Peshmerga from any kind of interference in the political activities of individuals and groups. We demand that the directors of these apparatus to be replaced by independent professional individuals.

3- The dissolution of the current PUK-KDP partisan government and the formation of a transitional apolitical technocratic administration.

4- The dissolution of the current Parliament.

5- The preparations for an authentic election free from rigging for a new Kurdistan Parliament within 3 months.

6- The return to their rightful owners of all properties of the government and individuals that were sequestered by the political parties and their officials.

7- To withdraw the draft constitution of the region and all of the legislations that are pertinent to the system of government of the country and pass it on to the oncoming Parliament.

As we submit these demands of the people;

We ask all political parties of Kurdistan to express their support,

We ask Kurdistan rulers to shoulder their historic responsibility and implement it.

Gorran Movement

29th January 2011


  • 31/01/2011 00:00:00