Yaresan at the Irvine Global Village Festival

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Saturday, October 1, 2011, Irvine California

The word “Yar” in Kurdish means “A Revered Spiritual Beloved”, the word “San” (pronounced like the Sun), is an ancient Kurdish word which means stone of demarcation, used to designate a land, a place, or a state inhabited by peoples and cultures with different ways of life and belief. The –e-, indicates the originality of such people and their belonging to such a demarcated area of land. In the ancient time (6th and 7th B.C.), the Medes, whose governance had expanded over a vast land from the Central Asia to Central Anatolia, appointed Satraps (governors) to govern the states inhabited by different peoples and cultures. Such places in Kurdish are known today, as Kord-e-San, Arab-e-San, Turk-e-San, Pars-e-San, Afghan-e-San etc.

However, the word Yar-e-San, that is a syncretistic faith, founded in Lori-e-San, has its roots form the time of the Medes (approx 1000 B.C.) who held faith in a variety of belief, including Mithraism, Izadians, Magian, Zoroastrian and Zurvanism, and many other belief systems under their governance. In this case, the word Yaresan, means to relate from within to without with good will, and share with truthfulness the origin of reality in the minds of all, in which there exists no stone of demarcation, on the basis of physical and cultural differentiation, but a unifying realm of spirituality common to all. On the path of Yaresan, to the Truth Seekers, truth is revealed to become known, within the darkness of one’s own consciousness.

The search for the existence of Yar, can be analogues to searching for the existence of God. It can be compared to searching in a bright daylight, for the existence of the Stars in the sky. None will be seen of course, in the bright daylight of one’s life, but only those with a clearer vision and introspective pause to seek within the darkness of one’s own unexplored consciousness, the bright light of the stars come to shine, revealing their existence. This was the message of the Magi of Kord-e-San, seek, and truth shall be revealed.

Other Religions that pre-date the practice of Yaresan in Kord-e-San, are the Abrahamic Faith. In Kurdish, Abraham is known as Ur-Ayam, which literary means, Adam from Ur who found spiritual solace in Haran, in Kord-e-San by the Star of his God Ya-Hewh.

There are those among Kords, who believe that the Ya, in Yaresan, is the same as the Ya in Ya-Hewh. In particular, among the followers of Yaresan, also known as the Truth Seekers, there is a whispered prayer, which is recited as: Ya-Hu, Ya-Man-Hu, Ya-Shaiy Dalahoo! Dalahoo, is a mountainous region part of the Zagros Mountains, in Kord-e-San where is the Seat of Yaresan Faith, now under the current spiritual leadership of Ka-Nasru-Din (The Light of Faith), in Tue-Shami, Goran, near the city of Kermanshah.

Yaresan Cosmology: In Yaresan, it is believed that in the Beginning There Was Yar, and in the Finality, There Is Yar. However, philosophically, was, and is, are the perception of the passage of Time, Zurvan, (see Zurvanite) which in Yaresan, its existence is negated. From Ya, who resides in a dimensionless shell, as a Pearl, are born the spiritual world, (See the Cult of Angels, or From the Ashes of Angels), and also from the shell of the Pearl, the physical universe was created. The author of this article, has put the Cosmology of Yaresan, from the Pearl (Ya) and its dimensionless shell (material nothingness), in to the following:

No Time, No Space, No Matter, No Light,

No Change in Motion, No Universe in Sight,

Only a Pearl! In a dimensionless Shell,

For universal essence of consciousness to dwell,

Out of the Pearl, born zahn-o-na-zahn

And the Angels of Truth, out of darkness of dawn,

From the Angels of Truth and Ya in Yaresan

Shell is turned to Dust like the rays of Sun


The Holy Book of Yaresan is known as Kalam-e-Sar-Anjam, the Discourse of Finality, in which in the absence of time, future is predictable and unknown turns to known (Na-zahn-Wa-Zahn), a process through which wisdom and knowledge purifies the apparent unknowns to the soul through reincarnation to reach Yaresan.

For the Kurdish American Education Society, By: Ardishir Rashidi-Kalhur

  • KurdishMedia.com - By Kurdish American Education Society
  • 03/10/2011 00:00:00