In support of hunger strikers of Strasburg - France

  • 22/03/2012 00:00:00

To: United Nations

To: The European Parliament

To: Amnesty International


To: Human rights watch

To the brave hunger strikers of Strasburg, France

Kurdish nation has lived and still live a harsh and bloody history, the affect of that is seen in denial of essential political, cultural and humanitarian rights of our nation. To date, contrary to all the initial principles of human rights, Kurdish people are suffering from horrendous denial of their rights.

In Iran, number of Kurds who are executed because of their support for human rights has become a daily event.

The Turkish prisons have increasingly become crowded with Kurdish children day by day and it is unlikely that any other countries in the whole world keep so many children in their prisons. Apart from arrest of the civilians under the name of combating terrorism, hundreds of journalists, members of parliament and civil activists of human rights field are also imprisoned in Turkey. What is happening there can remind us of the dark days of attack on Iraqi Kurds at the time of Saddam Hussein.

Today, Kurdish nation in Turkey is under a multilateral threat by the Turkish state. The authority has exploited its military machine for attack on Kurdish people and do not stop arrest, persecution and execution of those who dare to claim the political, cultural and humanitarian rights of our nation. Our peaceful demand for our rights is responded by bullet, bomb and poison gas.

What Turkish authorities are doing against the Kurds now is a clear return to the extreme nationalistic policy of Turkish authorities in the twentieth century. Such a policy brings all the claims by the statesmen of Turkey under shadow of real doubt when they are asserting the alleged extension of democratic culture and departure from the well known extreme Turkish nationalism.

Your decision for going on hunger strike at Strasburg is a brave action that helps the voice of protest by Kurdish nation in general and Northern Kurdistan in particular to reach the public opinion as well as the rulers of the world and allies of Turkey. You are raising your voice for the rights of Kurds while the world is silent towards it and you are demanding those rights that most of the states and communities of the world consider them to be essential rights of people.

We, a number of writers, poets and artists, strongly condemn the act of Turkish government, give our support to you and stand beside you. At the mean time, we strongly believe that your hunger strike should not reach the stage that your lives are put in danger and cause unpleasant outcomes.

We, also, ask The European Parliament, Amnesty International, CPT, and Human Rights Watch not to stay silent towards the inhuman acts against Kurdish nation and take swift steps to stop the atrocities.


1. Rebwar Siwayl ,Head of Philosophy Department. Arbil / Iraq

2. Mariwan Kanie, Lecturer on Middle East politics at University of Amstredam.

3. Anwar Sultani, Writer& Researcher, UK

4. Sherko Bekas, Poet, sulaimaniya / Iraq

5. Antonio Schito - Tony Schito - Italian

6. Adnan Karim, Performing artist. Sweden

7. Dilshad Mustafa Media Practice PH.D Student University of Salford .UK

8. Aso Jabar, Writer, USA.

9. Sarbast Nabi, Columnist & Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy- University of Salahadeen, Arbil / Iraq

10. Nawzad Jamal, Columnist & Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy- University of Salahadeen, Arbil / Iraq

11. Qubad Jalizada, poet, Sulaimaniya/ Iraq

12. Ismayl Ismaylzade, Poet & Writer, Norway.

13. Tara Jaf, performing artist. Sweden

14. Rebwar Saayid , Artist, Lecturer at the Department of University of the Arts, sulaimaniya / Iraq

15. Muhamad Rostamzade Namo, Artist, Arbil / Iraq

16. Asos Hardi, Writer- Journalist, Sulaimaniya/ Iraq

17. Azad rafiq Qazaz, Writeri & Therapist, Holland.

18. Raoof Begard, Writer, Sulaimaniya/ Iraq

19. Midya Raoof – Actor / Danmark.

  • 22/03/2012 00:00:00