Nawshirwan Mstafa’s Nowruz message

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Dear brethren, the proud citizens of Kurdistan


On the occasion of Nowruz and all of the national days that coincide in March, along with the beginning of the spring season, I bid you my warmest greetings. I wish a happy Nowruz to you, the citizens of Kurdistan, the Kurds in Diaspora, all Kurdistanis in North and South, West and East of our homeland.

Every year, the return of “Nowruz” infuses a renewal of hope and zest into our surrounding. It reaffirms our bondages with our homeland and our identity.

To celebrate Nowruz is to celebrate life, is to motivate us to continue with our struggle for the freedom of the Nation, for the liberation of land and the people of Kurdistan from the invaders and foreign, as well as internal oppressors.

Honourable Citizens

I take this opportunity to convey to you two messages from Gorran Movement:

The first message is a call to nationalise our national and public anniversaries. A call to expand the appeal of these public occasions to include all of us. A call to refrain from converting it to an exclusively partisan, ideologically bounded, or regionalised event.

All of these public anniversaries, whether of the “Epics” nature that inspired generations after generations of our people, or the “Disasters” that have forged the legitimacy of our cause, and in this I include the national, religious and the international occasions, all of these occasions have to become occasions belonging to the people and the society, celebrated voluntarily, away from interferences and impositions. They should be occasions to reinforce the social cohesion, not to divide or further fragment the people and the homeland over the different political allegiances and alignments.

The formal occasions have to be left to be celebrated by the formal institutions. Whereas the political, social and religious occasions should be left to the appropriate groups to organise their celebrations. The duties of the municipalities and other government establishments should be confined only to facilitate and regulate the celebrations. They shouldn’t be saddled with the burden of trumpeting party-political propaganda.

My second message is about our wholesome vision for our highest national aspiration, which is the independent Kurdistan and the establishment of the State of Kurdistan. It is for this aim that many generations have risen, an aim that tens of thousands of our citizens have bequeathed their lives to, and for which the whole nation and country have endured mass destruction and genocide.

But the independent Kurdistan is not something that can be achieved by rhetorics. It is an establishment, the pillars of which have to be laid on the ground.

The Independent Kurdistan should be built as a political establishment, with a written national accord in the format of a constitution and a set of laws, that enjoys the support of the citizens, with the objective of organising the political process and the competition between the different political groups, under the auspices of a set of national institutions, such as national administration, national army, national security and national high courts, all of which should belong to the people collectively and not to the ruling elites only.

In addition to the political establishment, the Independent Kurdistan should also be a social and an economic establishment, that requires strong economic infrastructure and necessitate the prevalence of the social harmony between the different sections, classes and regionalised, in order that every single citizen of Kurdistan region feels content with the dominance of at least minimum levels of social justice, to be enjoying access to equal and appropriate opportunities to better themselves, and to benefit from the national treasures and the over and underground riches of the country.

The Independent Kurdistan should also be a civic and cultural establishment that harnesses a formal language, national press and national universities. It requires the emancipation of the civic society by liberating the individuals from the narrow tribal and regionalised allegiances and adopts a comprehensive allegiance to the Nation and the Homeland.

The Independent Kurdistan has to meet these preconditions as well as the return of Kirkuk, Khanqeen, Shengar and all other excluded areas to the region of Kurdistan.

We at this juncture, reliance on the blessing of God and assured by your willpower, are engaged in the struggle to achieve these preconditions and in that aim we will cooperate and join forces with any Kurdistani individual or group who share our inspirations.

And finally I wish you all happiness and prosperity on Nowruz Day.

Nawshirwan Mstafa

20th March 2012

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