Open letter: Stop Iran from suppressing the Kurds and interfering in Kurdish affairs

  • 20/10/2002 00:00:00

To the secretary General of the UN

To the President of the USA

To all the Kurdistani political parties

To the European parliament

To the public opinion

Dear Sirs/Madams,

Ref: Iranian oppression

On 8th October 2002, the Iranian authorities executed Hamza Qader, a Kurdish political prisoners from the Kurdish town of Sardasht, who had been in the Uromiyeh prison since 1997.

Killing political prisoners is not acceptable in any civilized country; furthermore it is a breach of international conventions.

We are deeply concerned about the policy of the Iranian government toward the Kurds in Eastern and Southern Kurdistan.

The Kurds are one of the ancient peoples of the Middle East who have been able to maintain their cultural heritage and a distinctive character for centuries, despite the attempts by the ruling states to destroy Kurdish culture and assimilate them. In Turkey, Kurdish culture and identity has been banned for decades. In Syria ethnic cleansing began in the early 1960s. The Iraqi governments have attempted to eliminate the Kurds through genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards the Kurds has been very similar to the policies of other states, however, more subtle. The Islamic regime of Iran has suppressed the Kurds as rigorously as the other states. It has destroyed hundreds of Kurdish villages and tortured, executed and imprisoned thousands of Kurds. The Kurds of Eastern Kurdistan do not have their basic human rights and the Iranian government has no intention of recognizing the basic human rights of the Kurds in Eastern Kurdistan.

Education in Kurdish is prohibited. Iranian authorities implement systematic destruction of the Kurdish language and culture. Recently, the Iranian government distributed a memorandum ordering the school staff not to speak Kurdish inside the schools.

Formation of political and non-political organizations is prohibited and organizations restricted to those approved by the regime.

Imposing an alien culture of covering up has oppressed Kurdish women. Kurdish female costumes are very colorful and is seen as against Islamic Law, as interpreted by the regime. Prohibiting this is a violation of their basic rights. Women also face more serious persecution. Women are discouraged to take part in any level of the society. Those women charged with having sex outside marriage are murdered through public stoning.

Kurdish identity has been denied through the concept of “Islamic Umma”. It is for the Kurds to be recognized as a separate nation with their own identity who are entitled to self-determination.

Under the Shiite Iran, the Kurdish nation has been persecuted religiously, as most Kurds are Sunni Muslims, nationally, as Kurds have been deprived of their most basic rights, but also internationally, as they have been prohibited to establish links with other nations outside Iran.

During recent years, the Islamic regime in Iran has tried to eliminate the Kurdish struggle and resistance by distributing drugs in Kurdistan and encouraging Kurdish youth to take drugs through its secret services. Drugs in Kurdish areas have been widespread and the government has not done anything to solve the problem. Unlike other parts of Iran, where the punishment for drugs is very severe, in Kurdish areas the people in possession of drugs for personal use are released with a minimal fine.

The Islamic Republic has been involved in the assassination of hundreds of Kurdish and Iranian dissidents, within and outside Iran, including the two leaders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI), Dr Qasimlo and Dr Sharfkandi.

The Islamic Republic also murdered thousands of Kurds during the armed conflict of the early years of the Islamic Republic.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has not stopped there; it has continued to interfere in Kurdish affairs in South Kurdistan. It started by a direct incursion at the bases of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran and continued by supporting Islamic groups in South Kurdistan.

The Iranian government has assisted the formation of different extremist Islamic political parties to antagonize the Kurdish government in South Kurdistan. It has recently been assisting Ansar Al-Islam, an extremist Islamic organization that has terrorized Kurds for several years. Ansar Al-Islam has been using Iranian territory as a base to conduct its incursions into South Kurdistan.

The Kurdish nation deserves peace and they should be able to determine their own fate without interference from other countries. We appeal to you and other governments and non-governmental organizations to put an end to the policies that aim at destroying the Kurds, their culture and heritage.

Our demands:

We appeal to the international community to protect and support the Kurds. We also demand that the Iranian government must:

- Stop distributing drugs in Eastern Kurdistan and act to solve this problem before it gets out of control.

- Demolish the Islamic concept of “Umma”, which treats Iran as one entity.

- Recognize the Kurds as a nation and a separate people and grant their basic human rights.

- Identify East Kurdistan geographically as a separate entity of Iran.

- Allow the devolution of power and facilitate the election of a Kurdistan Regional government, not based on religion.

- Rebuild destructed villages and towns and compensate the inhabitants.

- Establish education on all levels in the Kurdish language.

- Establish universities in Kurdistan, with the focus on Kurds, their history, art, culture and country.

- Free the media, including satellite broadcasting and Internet, allowing private sector to control the media.

- Allow the formation of political and non-political groups in Kurdistan.

- Abolish stoning and give women their fundamental rights.

- Admit the assassination of Kurdish opposition members and provide the details of their assassination, punish the criminals and compensate their families.

- Stop interfering in Kurdish affairs in South Kurdistan.

- Stop supporting fundamentalist Islamic groups in South Kurdistan.

- Stop supporting terrorist groups.

- Invalidate the agreements imposed on the Kurdistan Regional Government, in particular the Tehran Accord of 1997, that gives the right to control the Sharazur and Hawraman regions to the Islamic fundamentalists.

- Make traveling abroad easy for the Kurdish people of South Kurdistan.

With best regards,


To support the petition:

please email:

Please send your name, your profession and your country of residency - with thanks

1. Abdam Assad Driver Austria

2. Abdola Parwane, Student, Sweden

3. Abdola Soleimani, Student, Sweden

4. Abdoulmajid Hakki (MSc), Researcher, Finland

5. Abdula Aliassi, Norway, Worker

6. Abdullah Amini, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

7. Abdulrahman Hawraman

8. Abozi I. Rigabady, Australia

9. Abubaker Qadari Pishmarga, Engineer,

10. Adminstratio Team of PalTalk coferece room, Jury Era Dangy Kurdistan

11. Adnan Agacan, Teacher, Danmark

12. Afshin Tahiri, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

13. Ahmad Adeb Babme

14. Ahmad Jahangiri,

15. Ahmad Mohamad Nawzar, Germany

16. Ahmad Mohammadi, Student, Sweden

17. Ahmad Mohammadnajhad, Worker, Norway

18. Ahmad Naghshi, Worker, Norway

19. Ahmed Saleh, Holland

20. Aishe Malazade, Student, Sweden

21. Akam Ahmadi, director:, Canada

22. Ako Abdulrahman, Sweden

23. Ako Kadir, Student, Holland

24. Ako Milani, journalist student

25. Alan Fatahi, Worker, Norway

26. Alan Momeny

27. Ali A. Al-Kurdi, Aero Engineer, Canada

28. Ali Ahmad, Sweden

29. Ali Ahmadi,Norway, Worker, Norway

30. Ali As, Dokandar Sweden

31. Ali Dler, Norway

32. Ali Ishaq, Boise, ID. USA

33. Ali Mafpor, Norway

34. Ali Mohammadi, Student, Sweden

35. Ali Muhemed Salieh

36. Ali Salieh

37. Ali Sham, Sweden

38. Ali, Student, Holland

39. Amed Kurdsson, Student, Sweden

40. Amin Taha Haladni, Writer

41. Amina Aliassi, Norway, Worker

42. Amina Almassy, Norway, Worker

43. Amir Aliassi, Norway, Businessperson

44. Andreas J. Burghofer

45. Anwar Soltanpanah, Poet, Norway

46. Aram Jawhar, Switzerland

47. Aref Ahmadi, Writer, Norway

48. Arezo Jabar, Sweden

49. Ari Ahmed Ali Norway

50. Ari Sindi, Norway

51. Arian Jamal, Holland

52. Arne Hygen, Teacher, Norway

53. Arsh Hassanpour, Sweden

54. Arslan Sadaqi, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

55. Ary Soran, Germany, Koln

56. Asaad Khezri, student, Norway

57. Ashna, job seeker, Holland

58. Ashraf Mohammadi, Sweden

59. Ashsd Soltani, Student, Sweden

60. Aso Abdulrahman, Germany

61. Aso Aziz, Germany, Manhaim

62. Aso Mohammadi Oslo, Norway, Teacher

63. Asso Hassan Zadeh, assistant, Strasbourg, France

64. Asso Nadri, Sweden

65. awat mahmud, hollanda

66. Ayoob Khoshnaw, Norway

67. Ayub Qaragwzi Hunarmand, Artist, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

68. Azad Berwari, College Student (Sociology), USA

69. Azad Heme Salieh

70. Azad Nadri, Sweden

71. Azad Soleimani, Student, Sweden

72. Azim Aliassi, Norway, University student

73. Aziz Mehdi Kaki, Student - London

74. Baha sohrabi driver

75. Bahia Mohammadi, Student, Sweden

76. Bakier Mam Ali

77. Bakr Hasan, Germany, Koln

78. Bano Aliassi, Norway, Worker

79. Barzan Saed, Germany

80. Begzade M, Kurdistan, Iran

81. Berzan Heme Aziez

82. Berzan Mohamad Resul, Engineer, London

83. Bestan Beston, Sweden

84. Beston sabir, Stockholm, Sweden

85. Bextiyar Aziz ismail, Civil servant, Holland

86. Bextyar Hwseyn Keriem

87. Bextyar Muhemed Fetah

88. Biza Sabir, Norway

89. Botan Amedi, Student, USA

90. Botin Kurdy, Network Engineer Kurdistan

91. Braim Xzri, Kar krdn le ser Tel Sweden

92. Brusk Chiwir Welat

93. Bruska Ibrahim for the friends and members of Kurdistan National Congress - KNC

94. Brwa sabir, teacher, Stockholm-Sweden

95. Bryar Mariwani, Director,

96. Chia Shirzad, Hokksund, Norway

97. Chinar hama, Sweden

98. Chraxan, Hospital staff, Holland

99. Dana Amin, Mechanic, Sweden

100. Dana Yadgary, England

101. Dashti H. Wahab, Norway

102. Dashty Ahmed Karim, Norway

103. Deako Haji Rasoli Safkar, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

104. Diar Hamid, UK

105. Dilan Roshani, managing director of KurdistanWeb

106. Diler Zangana, USA

107. Dilnia Jafer

108. Dilshad Resul Kerim, Student, Holland

109. Diyako Mitani, The leader of Pan-kurd/kurdish nationalist Party

110. Diyari Kerim Mohemad, Civil servant, Holland

111. Djano Koerdenburg, Holland

112. Dlawar, Teacher, Holland.

113. Dr Fereshte Pourghobad, Dentest London

114. Dr Jabar Taha, Arbil, Kurdistan

115. Dr Nawzad Rasheed, General Practitioner, Australia

116. Dr. Jawad daneshpajou Clerk Austria

117. Dr. Seddigh zarza Medicin

118. Dr.Hossain Khalighi, Writer, Sweden

119. Dr.Jaza salehi Medicin Austria

120. Drakhshan Ali, Finland

121. Elias Iversen, Student, Norway

122. Eric Matthew Bjorn Crisp, Finance Manager, USA

123. Erivan S., Holland

124. Esma Almassy, Norway, Worker

125. Esmail Ebrahimi Student, Vancouver Canada

126. Fahima Fatahi Worker, Norway

127. Faima Palani, Norway, Worker

128. Faiq Rasuli Sweden, Student

129. Fairoz Abdulrahman, Germany

130. Faramarz Almassy, Norway, Teacher

131. Faraydoon Rasheed, writer and activist, Holland

132. Farha Jahangiri, Student, Sweden

133. Farhad Elassi Sweden

134. Farhan Rasuli, Sweden, Student

135. Farman Jalal, Holland

136. Farouk Hamarashid

137. Fatah Bariki, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

138. Fatime Almassy, Norway, Student

139. Fattah Jaldiani, Adelaide University, Adelaide, Australia

140. Ferieq Muhemed Suleyman

141. Franco Tenerelli, Student, USA

142. Frederick Oscar Robbins IV, Student, USA

143. Gafor Hakimzade, Student, Sweden

144. Galawej Hassanpour, Student, Sweden

145. Gesellschaft fuer bedrohte Voelker

146. Ghazal Mirzayi, Worker, Norway

147. Goran Ahmad

148. Goran Blin, Norway

149. Goran halabjai, Denmark

150. Goran Kurdahl, Doctor of medicine, Sweden

151. Govari Halwada, Writer, Norway

152. Gulzar Mahumd, Germany Hanover

153. Habib Eliassi, Student, Sweden

154. Hadi Elis, Canada

155. Hajar Brinci, Van, North Kurdistan

156. Hallo Mohamed Ali, Translator, Germany

157. Halwest Rashid, Webmaster of

158. Hama Rasoul Karimi, Student, Sweden

159. Hamad Kalami, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

160. Hamid Almassy, Norway, University student

161. Hamid Sabir, UK

162. Hamid Yarhossaini, Worker, Norway

163. Hamze Rashidian, Engineer, Norway

164. Harald, aarum, Teacher, Norway

165. Hasan Fathi, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

166. Hasim Karimi, Independent London

167. Hassan Shafei, Ottawa-Canada

168. Hatam Eliassi, Student, Sweden

169. Hawkar Baban, Sweden

170. Hawre Aran, Norway

171. Hawrê Baxewan, Writer, Holland

172. Hawre Kerim Ali, Writer, Holland

173. Hayas Kardo, Australia

174. Hedi Meharan Detanom

175. Helin Hamarashid

176. Hiva Razaey, Student Birmigham

177. Hiwa Ebrahim

178. Hiwa Hajirashidian Denmark

179. Hiwa Nezhadian

180. Hiwa Qazi Denmark

181. Hiwa Sabir, student, Oslo-Norway

182. Hiwi Ebrahim

183. Hoshiar Abdulrahman, Norway

184. Husain Baqali, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

185. Husein Muhammed, interpreter, translator, law student, Finland

186. Hussein Khoshnow, Journalist, General Manager of The Kurd Newspaper,, Australia

187. Ibrahim Angori, Engineer, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

188. Ibrahim Hasan Zada, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

189. Ibrahim Husaini, Worker, Norway

190. Ibrahim I.Rigabady Australia

191. Ibrahim Mirzayi, Worker, Norway

192. Ibrahim Nadri, Sweden

193. Ilhami koksal, caterer, London, United Kingdom

194. Imad Mawlood Norway

195. Ing. Ashty k., Holland

196. Ing. Kamal gh., Holland

197. Ismael Mahmood, Norway

198. Ismail Qazi Programor

199. Izzettin Akay, Student, Goettingen

200. Jabar Muhamad, Sweden

201. Jabbar Mohammadi, Worker, Norway

202. Jafar Bekossi, Student, New Zealand

203. Jafar Hamadi, Norway, Student

204. Jafar Hindawash

205. Jalil abdullah, Arbil, Kurdistan

206. Jamal Baban, Sweden

207. Jamal Mohamadi, Student Birmingham

208. jamal muhamad, Arbil

209. Jamal Rahmati, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

210. Jlal Abdi, Student, Sweden

211. Jons piritesoori, Student, Sweden

212. Josf Xorshidi, kar krdn le ser Tel Sweden

213. Jwan Hamid, UK

214. K. Barzingi, student Germany

215. K. R. Seddik, Netherlands

216. kader nader kader, Stockholm, Sweden

217. Kakebra Eliassi, Mamostai Matmatik Sweden

218. Kamal Ahmadi, Student Birmingham

219. Kamal Fazali nanawa, Baker, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

220. Kamal Hassanpour, Lisans Tel Sweden

221. Kamal Salahi, driver, Norway

222. Kamaran Mamhusaini Programer, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

223. Kamaran Muhamad, Sweden

224. Kamran Ghhazi, Stockholm

225. Kamran Ghhazi, Stockholm

226. Kamran Rasuli, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

227. Kanan Ahmad, Germany

228. Kanyi S., Holland

229. Karem Shojaii Pishmarga, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

230. Karim Allahwaysi, Student, Norway

231. Karim Allawaysi Worker, Norway

232. Karim Mohammadi Worker, Norway

233. Karim Mohammadi, Student, Sweden

234. Karim Rahmanpour, Student, Sweden

235. Karl Ali, Germany, Student, Technology

236. Karm Hakimzade, Student, Sweden

237. Karwan Ahmed Arif, Norway

238. Karzan Mohammadi, Student, Sweden

239. Kauser Ebrahim Motercim

240. Kawa Bradosti, Web Engineer, California, USA

241. Kawa Mohammad, student, swed

242. Kawe Almassy, Norway, Student

243. Khadija Mafpor, Norway

244. Khalid Mohhamad Sweden

245. Khasraw Aliassi, Norway, Worker

246. Khasraw Salih, Denmark

247. Khasraw Sarzali, Norway, Worker

248. Kheder hamzahnejad Worker

249. Kostan Mahmud, Germany, Koln

250. Kristen Karlsen, Teacher, Norway

251. Kristine Skarbo, Student, Norway

252. kurdestan kurdi, Germany

253. kurdistan Rsuli Sweden, Student

254. Kuvan Jaffer Tovi, Business Student, Ottawa-Canada

255. Laila A., laboratory engineer

256. Laila Palani, Norway, Student

257. Larah A., student,

258. Lauk cook, Sweden Stockholm

259. Lehon Sanahmad

260. Lisa Borgen, Teacher, Norway

261. Luqman Barwari, Research Associate, biotechnology, USA

262. Luqman Maii, Electronics Technology, Northwest Technical College, Minnesota, USA

263. Mag. Kader rassoulian Clerk Austria

264. Mag. Khosrow Hassankhali Clerk

265. mahnaz Palani, Norway, Student

266. Mahnaz Rasuli Sweden, Student

267. Mahro Adeb

268. Mahrokhadeb Xoshkem

269. Majid Almassy, Norway, Student

270. Majid Palani, Norway, Translator

271. Majid Yarhossaini Worker, Norway

272. Malpari Rojhalat, Germany

273. Mangor Sama Shirin, Worker, Stockholm Sweden

274. Mansur Azizi, Student, Norway

275. Mari Pedersen, Journalist, Norway

276. Mariwan Aran, Norway

277. Markus Hoffman, student, Germany

278. Masoud Mariwani.I am living in city of Perth in Australia

279. Mastora Behruz, London, Canada

280. Mehabad Kurdî

281. Mehabad Kurdî,

282. Mehro Wibmesteri

283. Meko I. Rigabady, Australia

284. Meku Qasimlu, Denmark

285. Meriam Aliassi, Norway, Worker

286. Mie Houge,, Teacher, Norway

287. Mina Karami, Sweden

288. Mohamad Ali, Germany, Technology

289. Mohamad Barzingi, Germany, mamosta

290. Mohammad Abobkri, Student, Sweden

291. Mohammad Betoshi, Student, Sweden

292. Mohammad Gadani, Worker, Norway

293. Mohammad Habibi, Student, Sweden

294. Mohammad HASHEMI Adelaide Australia

295. Mohammad Shexepour, Kar krdn le ser Tel Sweden

296. Mohemed abdoulahpoor

297. Mostafa Ahmadi, Student London

298. Mostafa Zarei, Sweden

299. Mouloud Swara, Dental Practice Maneger London

300. Mr.Hamza Bayazidi, Interpreter London

301. Muhammad Aliassi, Norway, Worker

302. Muhemed Abdula Gefuer

303. Muhmmad Farj Zadah, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

304. Muhsin Hamasaleh

305. Nader Ghazi

306. Nadir Aliassi, Norway, Worker

307. Nadir I . Rigabady, Australia

308. Nariman Hamdi, Heidelberg, Germany

309. Narmin Aran, Norway

310. Nasrin Sharewan, Student, Sweden

311. Nawzad Baban, Sweden

312. nawzad jamil, hollanda

313. Naz Amin, student, swed

314. Nazdar Hassanpour, Student, Sweden

315. Nazenin I. Rigabady, Australia

316. Nermin Hajirashidian Denmark

317. Neshteman, Translator, Holland

318. Nesir I. Rigabady, Australia

319. Nesri Fetah Ahmed - Teacher - Germany

320. Nishtiman Mohammad, mamosta la swed

321. Nkuranyabahizi Eugene, Student in Norvegian Agricultural University, Norway

322. nusrawakatan akamhollanda

323. Nzar Hasib Germani

324. Omar Ahmad, Sweden

325. Omar Baqai, Student, Sweden

326. Omed Faris, Norawy

327. Omer perk

328. Omid Mamhusaini, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

329. Osman Amini Pishmarga, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

330. Osman Soleimani, Student, Sweden

331. Pakhshan Ahmadi, Teacher, Norway,

332. Parikhan Rashidian, Teacher, Norway

333. Party Sosialisty Kurd - PASOK

334. Pater Wolfgang Jungheim,Pax Christi Nassau-Lahnstein,Johanneskloster-Haus Damian, D-56112 Lahnstein

335. Perwin Qazi Denmark

336. Perwiz Yousefi, Student la swed

337. Peshraw k., Holland

338. Peshraw Namo, Webmaster, London

339. Peshrouw Shwani, Journalist, Holland

340. Piroz Nadri, Sweden

341. Polla Saeed, Kurdish writer

342. Qadir Elyasî, Oslo, Norway, Well known Kurdish artist and singer

343. Rabiaa Ahmadi Norway

344. Rahman Eliassi, Student, Sweden

345. Rahmat Darexshani, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

346. Ramazan Aliassi, Norway, Worker

347. Ramazan Sarzali, Norway, Nurse

348. Rangina Aliassi, Norway, Pensioner/retired

349. raoof ismael teacher arbil

350. Rashid Haidari, Student, Sweden.

351. Rasoul Qadrzade, Student, Sweden

352. Re’de Palanî, Oslo, Norway, Endamî Yekyetî jinanî Dêmokratî Kurdistan

353. Reana Aliassi, Norway, Pensioner/retired

354. Rebaz Goran

355. Rebin Ali, Sweden

356. Rebwar Fatah, Director of, London

357. Rebwar Jelal Reshid, Student, Germany

358. Rebwar Rashed, Writer and activist, Sweden

359. Rebwar Saleh, hollanda

360. Rehman Xoshabro, Denmark

361. Renas Bekr Reshid, Student, Holland

362. Reshid Qazî Denmark

363. Reza Adeb Beram

364. Reza Almassy, Norway, Driver

365. Rezgar Mohamadian, Student London

366. Robin Kurd, Editor of, Cambridge

367. Roni Alasor, Journalist, Norway

368. Ross Andersen, Philosophy Student, USA

369. Rozh Rasheed, Holland

370. Rurdo S., Holland

371. Rzgar Karim, Germany Hanover

372. Sabah Rahmani Pishmarga, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

373. sabah saed, Arbil, Kurdisan

374. Sabah Saed, Arbil, Kurdistan

375. Sabri Eliassi, Student, Sweden

376. Sadi Mustafa Ali, Norway

377. Sadik M., Teacher Holland

378. Saeed Gujari, public service officer, Queensland Australia

379. Said soltanpur Medisn Styd, Denmark

380. Salah Ayubi, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

381. Salah Fatahi Worker, Norway

382. Salah Mahmudi Pishmarga, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

383. Salah Raouf, Hollanda, Apeldoorn

384. salah Sartas

385. Salah Walizade, Worker, Norway

386. Salih Aliassi, Norway, Pensioner/retired

387. Saliha Savas

388. Salim Hassan, Student, Lebanon

389. Salwa Salah, Sweden

390. Sam Shahidi, Mission Viejo, DirecTv Sales, CA, USA

391. Saman k, Holland

392. Sami Mohamed Karim, Norway

393. Samin Aliassi, Norway, Businessperson

394. Samrend Elyasî, Artist, Oslo, Norway

395. Sana Kadir, student, Holland

396. Sana Nakishbandi, Germany

397. Sanan Mohamad, Germany

398. Sarbast Sindi, Norway

399. Sardar Karadagi

400. Sarkash Abdulkarim, Artist (Photographer) Uppsala, Swedenen

401. Sasan Abas, Sweden

402. Schariar Nakishbandi, Germany

403. Selah Abdullah Khder, Holland

404. selah abdullah khder, Holland

405. Selah Hajireshidian Denmark

406. Sercan Kaya, Danmark

407. Serdar Jelal Reshid, Translator, Germany

408. Serhat Ronahî, Student, Germany

409. Seyit Cemil, Lawyer and Publisher, London

410. Shabnam Adeb

411. Shahla Yarhossaini Worker, Norway

412. Shahla, Supermarket staff, Holland

413. Shaho Muhammad Por Pishmarga, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

414. Shakhawan Shorsh, Student, Denmark

415. Shakhawan Shorsh, Student, Denmark

416. Shakwan Rasuli Sweden, Student

417. Shamal Swar, Norway

418. Shamall Nabaz, Canada

419. Sharif Behruz, London, Canada

420. Sheelan Fatah, Student

421. Sheila Mohammadian, San Diego California USA, work for County of San Diego

422. Sherko Faroresh, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

423. Sherko Fatahi¸ Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

424. Shermin Hawraman

425. Sherzad, job seeker, Holland

426. Shirin Aliassi, Norway, Worker

427. Shirin Sanahmad

428. Shler Hassanpour, Student, Sweden

429. Shler k., Teacher Holland

430. Shler Majid, Student, Holland

431. Shme Mohammadi, Student, Sweden

432. Shrif Balaki, Student, Sweden

433. Simand Kanzadeh, Independent London

434. Sindis Bakir, Germany

435. Siraz Wsta Bakr, Germany Mahaim

436. Sirwan Wasta Bakr, Germany Hanover

437. Sivan Agacan, Student, Denmark

438. Smko Isazade, Shofiri Taxi Sweden

439. Sohaila Mohammadi Worker, Norway

440. Sohda Shabazi, Student, Sweden

441. Soran Mahmod Faraj, Norway

442. soran rashid, hollanda

443. Sorgul Ugur

444. Srood Hamid, UK

445. Svend Asbjørn Sylling, Student, Norway

446. Svend Kulset, Student, Norway

447. Tahir Mamhusaini, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

448. Tahsin Atrushi, Self-Employed and President of KCC of California, USA

449. Tania Hassan, Mamostay gymnasi la swed

450. Tania Mühler, Student, Germany

451. The Association of Iranian Political Prisoners (in Exile), Behrouz Boroumand, The International Secretary,

452. Thor Opedal Teacher, Norway

453. Toba Aliassi, Norway, Student

454. Tonje Poulsrud Journalist, Norway

455. Vegard Austmo, student, Norway

456. Venus Faiq, Writer, journalist and activist, Holland

457. Wahid Maho, University student, Holland

458. Walid Maho, University student, Holland

459. Wasta Bakr Mahmu, Germany Hanover

460. Wiyen Solatanpur, Student Denmark

461. Xabat Qurbani Aqdam, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

462. Xalid Azizi, Writer, Australia

463. Xalid Hamzaei, Shofiri Buss Sweden

464. Xalid Soleimani, Student, Sweden

465. Xosraw Qadarai, Van, North (Turkey’s) Kurdistan

466. Yar Sherko, Sweden

467. Yasmin Adeb

468. Yassin Almassy, Norway, University student

469. Yilmaz GUl, DSP Engineer, UK

470. Yilmaz Mete

471. Yosif Abdulla Pori, Norway

472. Yuksel Sonmez, Holland

473. Zana, Student¸ Holland

474. Zara Rahmanpour, Student, Sweden

475. Zarei Mostafa

476. Zenab Abdi, Student, Sweden

477. Zheno Zhiar, Student

478. Zhian Hejri, Worker, Norway

479. Zhwan, Zhiar, Student

480. Ziwar Hassan, student, Sweden

481. Zubaida Peroti, Sweden, Student

  • 20/10/2002 00:00:00