Kurdish Filmdays in Copenhagen: 3rd Copenhagen Kurdish Filmdays (CKF)

  • KurdishMedia.com
  • 12/02/2014
In Denmark, the count down for the 3rd Copenhagen Kurdish Filmdays (CKF) has begun. For four days filmenthusiasts can enjoy a long list of films, which FOKUS-A and Cinemateket has put together for the program during February 20-23 View Article

For the great Kurdish poet Sherko Bekas

  • KurdishMedia.com - By Shamal Zahir
  • 10/08/2013
for the great Kurdish poet Sherko Bekas who passed away on the 4th of August 2013. The leaves of the trees...and the morning breeze... Even the sunlight! View Article

Ahmadi Khani’s Theory of Kurdish Nationalism in Mem û Zin

  • KurdishMedia.com - By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli
  • 29/08/2012
Mem u Zin which is a marvellous dramatization of Kurdish country, culture and way of life, the character of Kurdish men and women and Kurdish issues and aspirations. View Article

Nazand Begikhani wins the 2012 French Feminine Price of Simone Landry

  • KurdishMedia.com
  • 08/03/2012
Kurdish poet Nazand Begikhani has been selected among 42 poets in France to win the French Feminine Simone Landry Prize of 2012 View Article

Translated two temporary Kurdish poems

  • KurdishMedia.com
  • 17/12/2011
If wine is no solution to my sorrow, the wine-house is not to blame! In this pain the wine fails to get me drunk, the glass is not to blame! View Article

New short movie by a Kurdish director

  • KurdishMedia.com
  • 05/09/2011
Kurdish director Awat Namiq Agha has finished the shooting of his latest work "Shortuct" which is a fifteen minutes short road movie, thriller with some comic elements based on Anton Chekhov’s Overseasoned. View Article

Iraqi Kurdistan: Prominent Kurdish Journalist Assaulted

  • Human Rights Watch
  • 30/08/2011
The attack on the respected journalist Asos Hardi is the latest example of the grave risks faced by independent media workers in Iraqi Kurdistan View Article


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  • 29/07/2010
test View Article

Melodrama: 15 minutes of The Long Lasting Relationship

  • KurdishMedia.com
  • 12/07/2010
The film has been shot in several different locations including Ickenham, Camden, Camber Sands and Rye with a crew of 14 people from all over Britain, and it will be sent to variety of film festivals, worldwide. View Article


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  • 07/07/2010
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Rojin - a film critique

  • KurdishMedia.com - By Hishyar Abid
  • 25/06/2010
The opening scenes are brilliantly executed. A mere 20 seconds of pure artistry. The man in uniform comes to a doused-off women and pointing to the baby in her arms says "its too late". View Article

Sherko Bekas Eulogy to the five Kurdish prisoners executed in Tehran

  • KurdishMedia.com (Translated) - By Kamal Soleimani
  • 12/05/2010
Execution and death … are the medallions and awards that are given to the Kurdish youth and intellectuals; they are known for these or distinguished by such awards! These awards or medallions are the last ones that tyrants carve on their victims’ chests… View Article

Kurdish Cinema is promising

  • KurdishMedia.com - By Devrim Kiliç
  • 11/05/2010
Kurdish people want to express themselves and draw a true picture of Kurds and cinema is creating great opportunity to do that via film art. View Article

Choman Hardi reading from her work

  • KurdishMedia.com
  • 03/05/2010
Choman Hardi’s poetry is now on the Poetry Archive which is 'the world's premier online collection of recordings of poets reading their work.' A CD of Choman introducing and reading 28 of her poems (including a Kurdish poem) has been produced. View Article

An exiled director's representation of his own people, Kurds

  • KurdishMedia.com - By Devrim Kilic
  • 20/04/2010
Saleem’s first feature Long Live the Bride, set in Paris, takes the life of Kurdish refugees/migrants who, although living in France, have strong ties with Kurdistan as a subject matter. View Article

Choman Hardi’s poems on the UK GCSE syllabus

  • KurdishMedia.com
  • 12/04/2010
Four poems by the Kurdish poet Choman Hardi have been selected onto the English GCSE curriculum. They will be studied by 15-16 year old students across England and Wales. View Article

Newroz Festival by Peeramerd

  • KurdishMedia.com (Translated) - By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli
  • 21/03/2010
Newroz is here ! Today’s New Year’s Day Festival of Kurds that brings rapture & joy View Article

Sixth London Kurdish Film Festival

  • KurdishMedia.com
  • 14/11/2009
For the first time the London Kurdish Film Festival takes place in six venues across London: RichMix, Amnesty International's Human Rights Action Centre, the Riverside Studios, Shortwave Cinema, the Birkbeck College Cinema and Spring Studios View Article

Nazand Begikhani’s New Poetry Season in Europe

  • KurdishMedia.com
  • 27/09/2009
With the sudden steps of autumn, Kurdish poet Nazand Begikhani has started a new poetic season with readings in Norway and France. View Article

Maye Kurdish-Arabic Dictionary: New Kurdish – Arabic Dictionary

  • KurdishMedia.com - By Ayoub Barzani
  • 17/09/2009
The posthumous Maye Kurdish-Arabic Dictionary, with 1049 pages, size ¼, published by Spirez Edition, 2009 (www.spirez.org) also (www.spirezpage.net) is unique in its rich choice of words. View Article